How to Locate and Sponsor Leaders Into Your MLM

How to Locate and Sponsor Leaders Into Your MLM

You should always strive to be more efficient with your time and what you do. Some people make fundamental errors with their time management and focus of study. Before you learn to get traffic, you should learn to capture leads. Before you learn to capture leads or get traffic, you should learn how to sponsor and recruit people. Before you learn to sponsor and recruit people, you should focus on the perfect type of person you actually want in your business. If you want to become a major earner in your company, learn to get leaders to tell you yes and you are on your way.

Who is a Leader?

I would say a leader is someone of influence with a large social network. That does NOT mean they have to have a million followers a twitter that a software did for them, I mean, someone who either online or offline have a lot of people that know them by name and they have some amount of influence with them.

What Turns Leaders Off is what turns Followers on

People have different reasons why they will join your network marketing business. I have found that what turns lesser prospects on is the exact deterrent for leaders. One word, HYPE. The use of hype in your marketing may actually get you some signups but leaders very possibly could be turned off by this tactic. Let me explain:
A leader knows that WORK is the way to get wealthy. That doesn't mean using a hammer and chisel but putting effort and time into something worthwhile should net them results. The promise of get rich quick immediately has them disqualify the opportunity. This is why you should have congruence in your conversations and marketing. Network marketing is a long term solution, period. Even the guys that make a lot of money took a long time to get there and if you are straight forward in your marketing and conversations, you will get more leaders to say yes.

Honesty and Brutal Candor is a major turn on for leaders

Yesterday I was on the phone with a pretty big leader. One of my teammates knew the guy and got me on a three way call (yes, I still do those, lol). This guy was sharp, he asked me several test questions, one of which was, if I shoot out an email to my big list will I get signups? I responded, probably to the cringing of my teammate, probably not. LOL. He said why and I responded that most people are pretty much over the big marketer without personal touch type recruiting. People have followed people from deal to deal and most people are up to date now that it doesn't work unless you have some personal touch with a supportive upline, etc. I could tell he was blown away by my honesty and we really hit it off after that. Tell them the major hurdle when first introducing this business to people, they truly will appreciate your honesty.

How to tell if someone is NOT a leader

They tell you. They tell you how much money they made in the past and how much influence they have. They tell you how they could blow up this business and put hundreds of people in. They tell you who they know. They tell you how quickly they will reach the top ranks in the company. These are ALL sure-fire ways to know they are not a leader, they are a wanna-be. I have heard this, and even fell for this, many, many times and without fail, they did either nothing or very little. I now get massively disappointed when people tell me how big-time they are as I know it means, they probably won't do anything.

How to Locate and Attract Leaders into Your MLM

Get inside their head. What do they want? Where do they hang out? What do they do? Who do they associate with, what books do they read? What functions do they attend? Take the time to write down your perfect person that you would love to have in your business and then pursue that avatar in all your marketing. Talk to them in your marketing as well as your conversations.

Word of Caution

Do not look as a leader as a lottery ticket and do not treat them like a piece of meat. You are going to attract who you are, not what you want. Be a person of value and constantly become someone that brings something to the table. One reason I enroll a lot of internet marketers is I do the things they don't want to do. I help fill the holes in their marketing presence such as helping with three way calls, offline meetings, and coaching. You bring your value to the table and focus on how you can benefit them and do things they cannot do without you, and you will start getting higher quality people into your business.

Make it a great day