The Basics on Doing a Three-Way Call

1.) Why
  • Provides third party validation and credibility
  • Provides social proof: Allows people to hear what’s possible through a story
  • For a new distributor it allows them to leverage the experience of their sponsor or up line
  • Fosters quick duplication
2.) When
  • After you have talked to/met with a new possible business prospect and they have expressed INTEREST in the business.
  • They have been exposed to the business either through a meeting (one on one, or two on one, or a business opportunity meeting), or a tool (dvd, video, cd, website, magazine, brochure.)
  • After you have done the Coffee Shop Interview with them.
3.) How
  • Verify when your prospect would be available, it is best to get two different times.
  • Text or call your up line and see which time would work for them.
  • Email or text your up line the CSI that you did with your prospect.
  • Text or call your prospect 30 minutes before to make sure they are available.
  • Text or call your up line five minutes before the scheduled call to remind them and quickly go over the CSI with them.
4.) On the call
  • Add your prospect to the call with your up line
  • Edify your up line to your prospect
  • Explain to your up line why you are so excited about your new prospect and why they would be great in your business (qualities they possess)
  • Be quiet and let your up line talk
  • AS THE UPLINE: They will ask questions like-
    • What matters the most to you, more than anything else?
    • What motivates and inspires you?
    • What are some dreams that you would like to see come to fruition?
    • What wakes you up at 2 a.m….money, time or health?
    • That’s why _______ put me on the phone with you!
    • Would you mind someone helping you bring those things to fruition faster? By partnering with _______ and myself, we will link arms with you and help you get _______ (dreams).
    • Congratulations, you have partnered with one of the best sponsors in the company! I am so excited to be working with you and ______!

5.) Follow Up
  • Now you thank your up line for taking the time in their very busy schedule to be on the phone with you.
  • The up line will hang up.
  • You then, right there sign up your prospect with a CEO Mega Pak. (Because that is how we get started in this business!)
  • Schedule a face to face meeting or a skype/facetime (if they are not local) appointment with them within 24 hours!
  • Follow the “Simple Getting Started” steps.