Ultimate Success System Overview

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Ultimate Success System Overview

The Financial Situation People Are Facing...
22% of Americans have experienced an income drop over the past year

76% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.

63% Of Americans have no way to cover a $500 emergency

52% of Americans say that they find it difficult to pay their bills on time

The average U.S. household has $7,529 in credit card debt.

The rise in the cost of living has outpaced income growth over the past 12 years.

90% of Americans are either dead or dead broke at the age of 65

In Life You Have 2 Choices.. Become An Entrepreneur or Work For One.

The Left Lane Is Exactly Like A Deck of Cards…
There are only 4 aces out of every 52 cards = 7%
93% of a deck of cards are NOT aces 
The good news is that you only need 4 aces to make a 6 digit income 
Your goal is to have 9 legs that are SEMD or higher but not all 9 legs will be equal
5 of those legs will have Kings and Queens as your leaders

The right lane is different…. 53% of Americans take a multivitamin every day 

The 2 BIGGEST Problems People Are Facing Today Are Health and Finances 

There Is NO Company On The Planet That Has a Better Solution To These 2 Problems Than Youngevity!
For every 1,000 people on your team...
70 will be building this as a business 
930 will be just using the products every month 

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