Strategies For Success: Strategy 1 - The Million Dollar Mindset

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Strategy 1 – The Million Dollar Mindset

This is going to be a little bit of a longer blog post than usual, in fact it is probably going to take several posts to cover everything I want to say. I am writing today about the Strategies to Success. This lesson was actually derived from various videos by network marketing professional, Eric Worre. I highly encourage you to visit his blog and his corresponding YouTube channel.

There are 3 hard truths about network marketing that you must face square on before you can have any success. Once you face these and change your mindset you can begin to follow the path of financial freedom that Network Marketing offers.

Hard truth number 1 is the lottery mentality. People are presented with a network marketing opportunity and get excited about the big income numbers that are presented. It looks so easy and they join with the attitude that they are going to get rich quick. I hate to say it but it ain’t gonna happen! Network Marketing is a business just like any other business. It offers fantastic freedoms and unlimited income opportunities that the traditional work for pay world doesn’t offer but it does take some work. It takes learning skills and becoming educated.

That leads me to the second hard truth; everyone in this profession seems to be stuck on the phrase, “ignorance on fire is better than knowledge on ice.” While there is some truth to this ignorance on fire will never get you to the ultimate goals you had when you joined this business. For true success you need to have,
  • Knowledge on Fire
  • Skills on Fire
  • Abilities on Fire
  • Professionalism on Fire
Think about it, how much further can you go by developing your skills? If you truly want to reach those goals and dreams that got you interested in this business in the first place then learning these skills is the only way to go. You must truly become a professional to reach that level of success.

I want you to take a look at this short video from Eric Worre called “Do You Deserve Success” before we continue:

Finally the third hard truth you must face and master before you can expect to have long term success in Network Marketing is “All of the pain in Network Marketing is in the Recruiting.” Recruiting is THE Gateway Skill. Master this skill then your success is unlimited. Fortunately this is a skill that can be learned and it is the key to using the 5 strategies for true success.

There are 5 strategies that you must embrace in order to have true success and we will touch on each of these briefly. The 5 strategies are:
  • Strategy 1 – The Million Dollar Mindset
  • Strategy 2 – How to Never Run Out of Quality Prospects
  • Strategy 3 – How to Invite Properly
  • Strategy 4 – How  to PresentStrategy 5 – How to Close

Strategy 1 – The Million Dollar Mindset

Having the Million Dollar Mindset is all about the law of attraction. The Law of Attraction states that you become what you think about most. You attract into your life the things that you think about most. If you think about being broke all the time then you will remain broke. When Donald Trump filed bankruptcy do you think he sat around dwelling on that failure? No, because he knew deep down inside that he was a winner and that mindset is what has attracted his success. No one wants to hang around with Negative Ned or Negative Nelly. Do you think successful people hang around with them? There are 7 steps to follow do develop this Million Dollar Mindset.

Step 1: Dedicate Yourself to Mastering the Skills

I want you to watch this short video from Eric Worre, it is called “Copycats Win” and it briefly talks about mastering your skills by learning from the leaders around you.

In the beginning you want to learn the skills involved with duplicating your business. Plug into the upline leaders. Learn what it is that they do and emulate it. Copy what they do and duplicate it into your business.

Step 2: There are No Good or Bad Experiences, Just Learning

Every negative experience is a learning experience. Remember the famous quote by Thomas Edison when he was interviewed about inventing the light bulb. He was asked about all of his failures and he replied, “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.”

I want you to take  a look at another video now by Eric Worre, The Secret to Confidence

Step 3: Setting the Proper Expectations

You are not going to become a professional and a top income earner overnight. It takes a lot of education and trial and error. Did your doctor become a doctor by just reading a few books? Did an airline pilot just get behind the wheel and start flying? For myself, did I just pick up a couple drug manuals and become a pharmacist? No, it takes hours of training and education. To become an expert at anything it takes a certain amount of time, dedication to learning everything you can about your endeavor to become that expert. On average it takes about 10,000 hours to become competent at any skill and it is no different in Network Marketing.

Here are some realistic expectations regarding your Network Marketing success. It takes:
  • 1 Year to become competent and profitable in MLM
  • 3 Years of focused work to replace your current income
  • 5 Years to become a high income earner
  • 7 Years to become a world class network marketing professional
Just keep this in perspective when looking at where you are currently. Know that if you follow a system of continueos personal development then these are reasonable expectations of where you will be in the future.

Step 4: Learning How to Employee Yourself

Let me ask you a question. Would you hire you? Seriously, if you were hiring someone to work for you, would you hire you? That is a question you need to ask yourself daily. When you get up in the morning look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Would you hire you?” More importantly, before you go to bed at night, stand in front of the mirror. Reflect back on what you did for the day and ask, “Would you hire you?” If the answer is no then it’s time to take stock in what you are doing and what you need to do to get to your desired goals. 

Take a look at this video by Eric Worre, “Our Most Dangerous Enemy”

Step 5: Respecting the Laws of Association.

Go back to what I said earlier in regards to the Law of Attraction. You will attract into your life those things you think about most. The same thing applies to the Law of Association. Look around you. Look at your 5 closes friends. Ad up their annual income then divides by 5. This is the average income of your friends. Your income will always reflect the income of those around you. If you want your income to increase then either you and your friends have to do something to change it or you have to seek out new friends.

The same thing applies to negativism. Todd Falcone spoke about this once. When he started in Network Marketing he was in his early twenties, just out of college. He would put on his suit every day and spend the day working his business, pursuing leads, surrounding himself with the others in his direct selling business. Then he would come home to his roommates. They were pot smoking surfer dudes hanging out on the video games. When he would come in the door they would tease him and say, “Well did you make a million dollars today dude,” while laughing in the surfer dude tone of voice. Then they would tell him to sit down and smoke and play video games with them. Needless to say he threw them all out. Began hanging out with people with winning attitudes and now he is a high 6 figure earner in Network Marketing.

Spend time with negative people and surround yourself with negative people and you will have negative results. If you want to become a success and reach your goals then you have to hang around with successful, goal oriented people and limit your time with the negative influences.

Here is another short video by Eric Worre, "MLM and the Law of Attraction"

Step 6: Becoming a Visionary

You have to be able to visualize your goals in full living color. You have to be able to sense them with all of your senses. You then need to be able to take that skill of visualization and show others how to do the same. This is where the Coffee Shop interview that Tom Chenault talks about comes into play. How can you help others see their vision if you haven’t discovered their vision with them. Wether you use Tom’s approach or develop one of your own you must learn how to find out what others desires are and then help them visualize their desire and visualize how you can help them reach those desires.

Step 7: Constant Personal Growth.

You have to plug into personal growth. Every successful person I have ever talked to can point at some personal growth tool that they came across that was the one thing that turned their success around. Remember earlier that I said it takes about 10,000 hours to become a true expert. So spend a few minutes every day on personal growth activities. Attend the CEO training conferences or whatever other tools your company offers and become the Network Marketing Professional that will lead you to your desired goals.

Take a look at this interview by Eric Worre of Darren Hardey from Success Magazine. They discuss Top MLM Leaders and Personal Development

This has been a rather long blog post so far and I have covered a lot of information regarding Strategy #1 Develop the Million Dollar Mindset. I hope you have learned something from what I have posted so far.

I am going to continue this discussion on future post where I will discuss Strategy #2 How to Never Run Out of Quality Prospects. In the mean time, reflect on some of the things I had to say in this post today. Digest it; review the videos that I included several times, then learn how you to can become a network marketing professional so you can become a Healthy Lifestyle Champion.