Strategies For Success: Strategy 4 - How to Present

Strategies for Success

Strategy 4, How to Present

This is the fourth post in my series “Strategies for Success.” As I mentioned in my previous posts this lesson was actually derived from various videos by network marketing professional, Eric Worre. I highly encourage you to visit his blog and his corresponding YouTube channel.

So far we have talked about the first strategy, “The Million Dollar Mindset” and the second strategy, “How to Never Run Out of Quality Prospects.” If you haven’t viewed those yet then I highly recommend you do so before you view this blog post.

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Just to review there are 5 strategies that you must embrace in order to have true success and we will touch on each of these briefly. The 5 strategies are:
  • Strategy 1 – The Million Dollar Mindset
  • Strategy 2 – How to Never Run Out of Quality Prospects
  • Strategy 3 – How to Invite Properly
  • Strategy 4 – How  to Present
  • Strategy 5 – How to Close
Today we are going to be talking about Strategy 4, How to Present.

You may be thinking, why should I want to be the presenter? It’s quite simple really, because the person with the marker makes the money. Think about it, with any presentation you have ever attended isn’t it true that the person doing the presentation is the one making all the money? So your goal should eventually be the one doing the presenting. Make the decision today that you will one day be the one doing the presentation. Start out small, maybe introduce the speaker. As you get comfortable doing that then maybe tell your testimonial. Eventually start doing part of the presentation then ultimately become the featured presenter.

As a presenter you want to utilize the available 3rd party tools. The entire goal is to keep things as simple as possible and make it duplicatable so everyone on your team can eventually make the presentations. Remember, the Golden Rule for presenting your opportunity is “If your lips are moving you should be pointing, reading, introducing or telling a story.

You should be pointing to a tool of some sort. A magazine, flip-chart, PowerPoint, tablet presentation, etc. You should be reading the slide or important points from the chart. If you’re not actually making a point with a tool then you should be introducing someone or telling a personal story that relates to the subject at hand. By following this rule the prospect has in their mind that what you are doing isn’t really that difficult and it becomes more duplicatable. Here is a short video by Eric Worre titled, “The Person with the Marker Makes the Money”

I am going to briefly go over how to host an in home presentation because quite frankly, this is probably one of the quickest ways to get your business duplicating the fastest after all would you rather spend twenty hours with twenty different people doing your presentation or would you rather spend 1 hour telling twenty people.

A home business presentation is a very effective way to communicate with your warm market; to tell them about your opportunity and your products; and even to get referrals. It is the easiest way to contact large numbers of people at one making a very efficient use of your time and demonstrating how easy it is for your prospects to duplicate what you are doing creating rapid growth and a solid down-line. It is a system that has been proven effective time and time again for decades now.

You want to choose a date and then start inviting people to attend. Be sure to review my last post, Strategy 3 – How to Invite Properly before you start inviting people. Also be sure to invite your up-line or even a cross line person or two to bring a guest. There is power and exponential excitement with numbers. In fact over the first month or so you should schedule a few home business presentations so you can capture more people as your list of contacts grows.

Ideally, as you build your down-line you will expand your home business presentations throughout the community as your team members begin to duplicate and hold meetings of their own with you as the expert presenter (remember he who holds the marker makes the most money).

You want to make sure that your business meeting is no more than an hour long and in fact you communicate that with your prospects when you are inviting them. People are busy and will be more receptive to attending when there is a designated start and finish time. Also consider a door prize or drawing as an incentive.

This is not intended to be a party where you are selling products. It is designed to let other people know about your opportunity and ask for referrals. You will introduce your products in the presentation but this isn’t about selling products. Many people have no interest in becoming a sales person.

Prior to the start spend a little bit of time mixing and mingling; introducing them to each other and some of the other people from your team. Don’t reward those that show up late, reward those that show up on time by starting on time.

Depending on whether you do the presenting or if you have a guest presenter, remember what I said earlier. Be involved in the presentation at some level. The format should be as follows, be sure to take an active roll in as much of this process as you feel comfortable doing.

First share a short story about yourself, a product testimony or business testimony. Keep this short no more than a minute or two.

Next introduce and edify the guest speaker. If you are going to be the presenter have someone else do the first two steps, remember, your goal is to duplicate this process as far down in your organization as possible.

The featured speaker should spend a moment or two with their own story then go right into the presentation using the tools as I discussed in a previous post.

During the closing the featured speaker should announce that there will be a quick start training session after the meeting for those that want to get started right away otherwise open the floor for questions.

Spend some times with your guests afterwards to answer questions. Invite them to join you, after all if you don’t ask then the answer is always no. Before your guests leave be sure to get referrals, if you did a professional job, weren’t high pressure, and kept to the scheduled time-frame it shouldn’t be very difficult to get a referral or two. Here is a side note, if the person doesn’t join but one of the people they referred does join, before you put the one that is joining in the system call your friend back and let them know that their friend is joining and ask if they want to sponsor their friend or if is OK if you take them. Often times they will go ahead and join as well.

After the meeting is over and everyone has left, reflect back on the event and make notes about what went right and what went wrong then use this as a learning moment to prepare for your next meeting. Also be sure to send each of your guests a thank you note for attending and follow up in a few days with a phone call to each guest.

Remember what J. Paul Getty said, “I’d rather have one percent of the efforts of 100 people than 100 percent of my own efforts.”

So far we have covered the first 4 strategies for success. In my next blog post we will discuss the final strategy, Strategy 5 – How to Close. Once this final strategy is mastered you will be on your way to success as a network marketing professional so you can become a Healthy Lifestyle Champion.