Timing is Everything

The 90 Day Blitz: Timing is Everything; Why Now is the Perfect Time

Anyone that has been involved in business understands that business operate in cycles. Every quarter Wall Street anxiously awaits the end of quarter results of companies to get a feel for the direction things are going. The same thing goes for your home based business.

Think about this, it's now May. What's on everyone's mind right now? Cookouts, weekends at the lake, summer vacations, summer sports, gardening, weight loss.

Do the major retail stores just now bring out products related to the summer season?

No, they actually start bringing those products into their stores in February.

Why so early?

Do you actually go out in February and purchase your patio furniture or new grill? Do you start buying gardening tools, summer sports gear in February?

Granted, there are a few people that do but for most of, us usually not.

So why do they start so early?

Because retailer's know that exposure is critically important. They know that when the season finally gets there and their customers are in the buying mood the customer has already seen the product; have already made a buying decision and will purchase the items from them. The same holds true for your business.

Many people in the network marketing business feel that the summer season is their least productive season but I disagree.

Just like in the retail business it's all about exposure. That is why starting a 90 Day Blitz is critically important right now.

Fall is one of the most profitable times in network marketing. When the cool winds begin to blow people are in the buying mode. The fall brings a new season of hope. People are looking for a change.

  • The kids are going back to school which brings the expenses associated with it. New clothes, books, fees.
  • All the summer activities are over so there is more time to think about what they will be doing with their time.
  • Bills are coming in from vacation fun. 
  • People are starting to think about winter getaways or traveling for the holidays.
  • People are looking to lose weight because they can't get into their favorite jeans. 
  • They are thinking about ways to bring in extra income.

If you start your blitz now you are getting your exposure so when the fall season comes along people have already been exposed to what you are doing or the products that you are offering. Also, because of the concentrated effort now you will come across people that are ready for a change now. With fewer people making an effort during this season you are more than likely to be the only one the prospects come across to solve their problem increasing the likelihood that they will join you.

Think about this:
  • The first 90 day blitz started now creates momentum
  • The second 90 day blitz this fall builds the momentum as you attract people in the buying mood
  • The third 90 day blitz in the winter catches people as they think about bringing in extra income for the holidays and exposes others that will be in the buying mood at the beginning of the year
  • The fourth 90 day blitz catches people in the buying mood to solve New Years resolutions, pay off Christmas debt, and those preparing to look good for spring.

You can see how important it is to start now. Your efforts during this season will set the tone for the entire year. Make 2012-13 be your best seasons ever.

Keith Abell, RPh MI