Step 2 - Make Some Commitments

Step 2, real simple. You've got to get plugged in. 

“Make some commitments”

Now that you know what your dreams are, how much you want to make each month and exactly how you will spend the money, you are ready to make some commitments.

“Character is following through on a decision long after the Excitement of the moment has passed.”

Your dreams are going to come to you based on the effort that you put forth to get them. If you want your dreams to come true, you are going to have to do some work. You need to make some commitments. To your business...yourself...your your future.


  1. Are you a CEO in Youngevity? 

    If you are not a CEO, get with your sponsor, or team leaders to find out how to become a CEO TODAY. The Mega-Pack is the best way to join Youngevity and is the best way to duplicate your group. It is the best value for the money!

  2. Have you started the AIM High Team training program? 

    If you have not then go to . Share with everyone you sponsor! Listen to them several times.

  3. Are you listening to at least 5 minutes of a good audio daily? 

    You need to be listening to the information and people who are most successful in the business and learn from them. Plugging in to a power source is important. Without it you are like a ship without a rudder or a light that has burned out. 

    Every morning I start my day with either the Hair on Fire call with Tom Chenault or I am going to be on the Daily Dose. Everyday. Call Schedule   

    Your business will grow in direct proportion to the priority you place on it.
    Success is a DECISION away!

    • Have you built a multi-million dollar business in Network Marketing? 
    • Have you generated millions of dollars in sales in Network Marketing?
    • Have you put together an organization of thousands of people in a few years?
    • Do you have RESIDUAL income now in the tens of thousands of dollars?


  4. Have you determined which marketing tools you will use?

    Tools are what help create leverage. Most Network Marketing professionals understand the importance of using tools in building a business. You can get over-whelmed with all the sales tools that are available.

    Where do you get company approved sales tools?

    • Youngevity Corporate. There are two places where you can get forms, catalogs, price lists, brochures, and more;
      • Go to  and log in. Click on the back office tab. Under the "New Order" tab you can order them directly.
      • Go to the  Youngevity Resource  center to download and print for yourself.
    • Youngevity  
    • Dr Wallach -  You can order the "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" CD's and have them personalized. Plus you can order many different educational materials including books, CD's and DVD's          

    Your Recruiting Website

    Everyone in Youngevity has a free website that you can personally use when referring people to take a look at the products, business presentation and becoming a member within your organization.

    There are two versions. A Free and a Pro website ($19.95 per month).

    The pro site gives you a complete contact management system for email marketing and more. It also provides you with a subscription to Deductr, a business expense tracking system that I highly recommend you use. It helps greatly when it comes time to prepare your income taxes. If you purchased this system directly from Deductr they would charge you $19.95 per month. In essence, the value of this feature alone pays for your Pro site.

    The Star Plan - Health Evaluation System

    Because of the digital age we now live in, more and more people no longer have CD or DVD players. That is why I recommend the Health Evaluation System developed by Sheryl Morley and Paul Kroto.  This system simplifies the entire processes making it duplicatable by everyone on your team. By using this system you are able to share Dr. Wallach's Dead Doctors Don't Lie presentation and then have your prospects complete a free health evaluation that will recommend the correct products for them to use depending on their health concerns.  At the current time the subscription price for this site is a very good value at only $9.95 per month and you can subscribe to the system here:

    To see more information on Recommended Tools visit
  5. Are you on a monthly autoship?

    Your team will follow your lead! They will do what you do! Set your auto-ship to the level you want your team to set theirs to. Is your auto-ship set at $150 $200 $300 $400 Everyone that is serious about the business will easily move $250 to $300 a month in product sales. That is how to maximize the comp plan! Just change where you shop. With approximately 1,000 products in your catalog, just buy from yourself something that you would buy elsewhere already.

  6. Have you made reservations to the next event?

    Events are life changing. Events allow you to get around the successful people in the industry and in this business. Check with your team leaders to find out which events you should be attending and get there!

  7. Are you on the email list and are you plugged into the conference calls?    

    Go to at the top of the page click to sign up for the corporate newsletter.    

    Getting on the calls and getting your team on the calls will build your belief and give your organization the big picture.

    One man with a commitment is better than a thousand men with an interest
  8. Set up a weekly, consistent schedule for the first 90 days.

    stands for:


    We can’t manage time…managing time is a colossal waste of time…we need to learn to manage ourselves, not time.

What would you do for 90 days to have total financial freedom?

2 hours a week, 5 hours a week, 10 hours a week?
1 night, 2 nights, 3 nights a week?

Book a meeting with your team leaders today!

  • Where were you two years ago?
  • Where were you five years ago?
  • Are you better off now than back then? 
  • How many nights a week are you going to build your business?
  • What things are you willing to give up FOR A TIME to gain your freedom?
Attend every Basic Training Call for the first 90 days every Saturday morning starting at 10 am EST. Every one.

"Well Keith, its always the same thing."

A dull pencil is better than a sharp memory.

"But it's the same thing."

In the first 90 days you have an opinion and you have a pendulum going back and forth. You have to get that under control or you are never going to do the business. So in the first 90 days you have got to get your shots. Your vaccination. 

Every morning I'm starting my day with either the Hair on Fire call with Tom Chenault or I am going to be on the Daily Dose call. Everyday. Call Schedule

Some of you can't do that, but if you can't do that I understand but here's what you have to do to get plugged in. All of the Hair on Fire and Daily Dose calls are recorded. And you need to listen. All morning calls are recorded and are archived on Youngevity's website.

If you have a local opportunity overview in your area, you need to support it. If you had a bad week you need to be sitting there. If you had a great week they need you sitting there.

"Keith, I just can't go out every every Tuesday night. I can't be there every Tuesday."

That's like saying, well I'm going to take this class. I'm going to learn how to be a dental hygienist. I will get me into a new profession, but you know, classes are on Tuesday but I can't be there every Tuesday. That's what it's like. Why do you think this is different.

"Well it's the same thing every week." Well it will be different next week. Since you already know it. You can do the opportunity next week.

I mean come on guy's. I mean in really.

That's where you have to be. It's the synergy of people. If you're lucky enough; if you're lucky enough to have that going on in your area to support. Which right now in the history of this company, it's not happening in 99% of the areas. But if you're fortunate to have a place where you've got like-minded people coming together, once a week, you need to be there to support it. And that's the best exposure for a new person.

If I call somebody and I say, "did you have an opportunity to visit the website? What did you like best about what you saw?"

---"Yes, I'd kind of like to check it out."

"What are you doing this Tuesday night?"

--- "Nothing."

"You know where the Starbucks is off so and so road?"

--- "Yes."

"I'll meet you there at about 6:30 and we'll get a cup of coffee then we will go on over to the meeting at Ryans" or wherever it is.

That's where we do business. We do business at opportunity overviews. That's what we have to do, we have to support these.

"Well Keith I was just kinda like wanting to make a few hundred extra bucks here. I wasn't wanting to get real serious."

Well you should of taken your $500 and bought lottery tickets. You'd have been better off. I mean, come on. We're looking at a trillion dollar industry and a company that's going to grow to a billion dollars in the next two or three years, with or without you. Come on. How many times have you seen that in your life.

Wealth is created when the right people get in front of the right trends at the right time. That's how it is created,

In 1980 Chrysler was having some major financial issues. They were losing money fast. Lee Iacoca was trying to turn it around but the financial situation the company was in was impossible. Things were so bad the company stock had dropped to just a little over a dollar a share. I seriously contemplated buying a thousand shares. I was single and could afford to lose it. I though about it for several days. But ultimately decided to keep my money in the AT&T stock I owned at the time. Shortly after Lee Iacoca managed to get the government to loan them the money the was needed to turn things around and he did. By 1983 the stock price reached $26.75 per share and by 1987, with the success of the minivan the stock hit $52 a share. My 1000 shares of stock that would have cost me just a little over $1000 would have been worth $52,000 in just 7 years.

Have any of you heard of chromium picolinate? Effedra?

Those two ingredients and about a dozen more created millions and millions of dollars in income for people that got in front of that trend. Millions.

I missed all of these.

See a wise person learns from their own mistakes but a really wise person learns from the mistakes of others.

I go down to Florida and visit with my parents and I just drive around and see these businesses. I'm thinking, they'll be gone the next time I'm here. They'll be gone the next time. They'll be gone the next time I'm here. And it's sad because people investor their time, their energy, their life savings, in businesses that make no sense.

There's no residual income there.

They have to be there 10, 15 hours a day. Trying to get somebody to walk into their doors so they can make a sale.

It makes no sense. That's not how wealth is created.

Wealth is created when you get in front of the right trend.

I remember many years ago, 1986 and I got success magazine and I'm reading about this place out in California that's renting VHS tapes. First company ever. You paid $35 to become a member and then you got to go in and you paid $5.00 and you can rent these VHS tapes. I'm thinking, Man that's gonna be awesome. That's gonna be hot. I can see that happening because at that time, a lot of people had  VCR's. I could it, that's an awesome idea. These movies costs $120. People don't have to buy them you rent them out. What a concept. But did I get in on it and start my own video rental business? No.

A wise person learns from their own mistakes but a really wise person learns from the mistakes of others. It's all about understanding trends and getting in front of it and then get yourself plugged in. If you're not plugged in you cannot reach your potential.

I mean everything has its own world, everything. Look at karate. Karate has its own magazines and its own tournaments and its own numb chucks and weapons and there's a whole world out there and you can go out here and you can be outside the world and be kinda in it but not really in that world and whatever you do if you want to be successful in Karate you gotta get in that world.

Scrap-booking is something that has its own world. I don't know anything about scrap-booking but I bet some of you do and I know it's a huge world and they got their own websites and their own magazines.

Anything has its own world and you have to get into that world to maximize your potential.

It's like you can't learn how to swim until you jump in the pool. You can't learn to swim with your big toe in the water. A lot of people get involved in this kind of business and try to put their big toe in it. You can't learn how to do it with your big toe in it. 

You gotta get it the pool. You gotta jump in with both feet. My gracious, I mean come on. There's reasons people make it and there's reasons people don't so making some commitments and getting plugged in is the Second Step.