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Don't Forget About Even One Person You Know!

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Ultimate Memory Jogger

Did you know that based on studies, the average person knows just under 1000 people, acquaintance level and up?  These are your contacts or "warm market."  We are in the midst of a Home-Based Business Boom?  In fact, it is so significant that analysts, who are documented in many of the most popular financial magazines you see every day, are referring to this boom as the "#1 Professional Trend"; The progression to the "Home Based Business."  This is happening for a couple of reasons...
  1. We are seeing things happen in the corporate world, to a degree we have never seen before, that are absolutely and totally devastating families financially.  These things are stripping good people of their income and retirements that they have been pouring their lives into for many, many years.  Unfortunately, these stories are no longer rare, they are now commonplace... things like downsizing, corporate corruption, cut-backs, layoffs, outsourcing, etc.  Home Based Businesses are the solution for either taking full control of one's financial future or at least creating a "back up" plan in preparation for the day they go to work and find that it "all changed" overnight. 
  2. The other reason for this boom is that people are finally starting to realize the significance of some fairly recent tax laws that have been put in place to encourage the development and growth of small business.  Many think that our economy is predominately driven by companies like Microsoft, Coca Cola, Wal-Mart, etc.  Not so.  In fact, 70% of the economy is driven by small business and as small business grows and prospers, so does our economy.  Therefore, the government has instituted laws that allow for phenomenal financial benefits through tax advantages/deductions to encourage the initiation and growth of small businesses.  By re-classifying many of our normal expenses as "business expenses", through incorporating our business into our normal activities with the honest "pursuit of profit" and treating your business "as a business", Home Based Business Owners can gain access to literally thousands of dollars annually with a very small-time commitment.  The average American over-pays their taxes every year by $3,000 to $9,000, this according to the former lead tax attorney for the IRS, Sandy Botkin.  Mr. Botkin was the one responsible for training the other attorneys on the IRS payroll.  As a living, he now shows taxpayers how to keep this money through training programs and seminars.  You should always consult and rely upon your tax adviser for your guidance.  The most valuable investment, aside from your business itself, is to get a good tax adviser that knows these laws, so you don't have to... many just know how to complete the tax returns.  Understanding this aspect of your business alone will make it where regardless of anything you do or do not do with Youngevity, you and your family will never be able to afford to be without Youngevity.

Every 8 seconds...
Another Person Joins a Home-Based Business!

Are they going to be in your business?... Only if they know about it!


If your list is not "written down", it is not a "list"

If it is not a "list", you will never remember everyone that is on it!

o     Accounting
o     Acting
o     Advertising
o     Aerobics
o     Air Force
o     airline
o     Alarm Systems
o     Animal Health/Vet
o     Antiques
o     Apartment
o     Architect
o     Army
o     Art
o     Artificial Nails
o     Asphalt
o     Athletics
o     Auctioneer
o     Automobile
o     Baby-Sitters
o     Banking
o     Barber
o     Baseball
o     Basketball
o     Beauty salon
o     Beepers
o     Bible School
o     Bicycles
o     Blinds
o     Boats
o     Bond/Stocks
o     Books
o     Bookkeeping
o     Boys Clubs
o     Broadcasting
o     Brokers
o     Builders
o     Buses
o     Cable TV
o     Cameras
o     Camping
o     Crafts
o     Credit Union
o     Day Care
o     Delivery
o     Dentists
o     Dermatologists
o     Designers
o     Detectives
o     Diet Industry
o     Direct Mail
o     Disk Jockey
o     Doctors
o     Driving Range
o     Dry Cleaners
o     Dry Wall
o     Education
o     Electrician
o     Engineering
o     Entertainment
o     Eye Care
o     Fax Equipment
o     Farming
o     Film Industry
o     Firemen
o     Fishermen
o     Florists
o     Food Service
o     Furniture
o     Gardens
o     Gift Shops
o     Girls Clubs
o     Golfing
o     Government
o     Graphic Arts
o     Grocery Stores
o     Gymnastics
o     Hair Care
o     Handicapped
o     Handyman
o     Hardware
o     Health Clubs
o     Health Insurance
o     Hearing Aids
o     Helicopters
o     Hiking
o     Horses
o     Hospitals
o     Hotels
o     Hunting
o     Ice Cream
o     Ice Skating
o     Income Tax
o     Insurance
o     Investments
o     Janitor
o     Jewelry
o     Judo
o     Karate
o     Kindergarten
o     Laundries
o     Lawn Care
o     Leather
o     Leasing
o     Libraries
o     Lighting
o     Livestock
o     Loans
o     Luggage
o     Lumber
o     Mail
o     Management
o     Manufacturing
o     Mathematics
o     Mechanics
o     Mental Health
o     Miniature Golf
o     Mobile homes
o     Mortgages
o     Motels
o     Motion Pictures
o     Movie Theatres
o     Museums
o     Music
o     Mutual funds
o     Navy
o     Newspapers
o     Nurses
o     Nutrition
o     Office Machines
o     Office Furniture
o     Oil Changes
o     Optometrists
o     Orthodontist
o     Painting
o     Parking
o     Parties
o     Pediatricians
o     Pedicures
o     Pensions
o     Perfume
o     Personnel
o     Pest Control
o     Pets
o     Pharmacies
o     Phones
o     Photography
o     Physician
o     Pianos
o     Pizza
o     Plastics
o     Plumbing
o     Podiatrist
o     Police
o     Pollution
o     Pools
o     Preschools
o     Printing
o     Property Mgmt.
o     Psychiatrists
o     Psychologists
o     Publishers
o     Racing
o     Radio
o     Railroad
o     Real Estate
o     Rehabilitation
o     Religion
o     Rental agencies
o     Reporters
o     Resorts
o     Rest Homes
o     Restaurants
o     Roller Blading
o     Roofing’
o     Safety
o     Sales
o     Sandblasting
o     Satellites
o     School
o     Screen Printing
o     Scuba Diving
o     Secretaries
o     Security
o     Self Defense
o     Sewing Sheetrock
o     Shoe repair
o     Siding
o     Signs
o     Singing
o     Skating
o     Skeet Shooting
o     Skiing
o     Skin Care
o     Soccer
o     Social Services
o     Softball
o     Software
o     Spas
o     Sporting goods
o     Steam cleaning
o     Stereos
o     Stocks
o     Surgeons
o     Surveyors
o    T-Shirts
o    Tailors
o    Tanning
o    Salons
o    Taxes
o    Teachers
o    Telecommunications
o    Telemarketing
o    Television
o    Tennis
o    Theaters
o    Therapists
o    Tile Layers
o    Tires
o    Title Companies
o    Tools
o    Towing
o    Townhouses
o    Training
o    Transmissions
o    Trucking
o    Typesetting
o    Unions
o    Universities
o    Upholstery
o    Used Cars
o    Vacuum Cleaners
o    Vending
o    Veterans
o    Video
o    Volunteers
o    Wallpaper
o    Waste
o    Watches
o    Water Skiing
o    Weddings
o    Wine
o    Woodworking
o    Writing
o    Zoos

Who Do You Know Anyone That Lives in the Following States?

o    Alabama
o    Alaska
o    Arizona
o    Arkansas
o    California
o    Colorado
o    Connecticut
o    Delaware
o    Florida
o    Georgia
o    Hawaii
o    Idaho
o    Illinois
o    Indiana
o    Iowa
o    Kansas
o    Kentucky
o    Louisiana
o    Maine
o    Maryland
o    Massachusetts
o    Michigan
o    Minnesota
o    Mississippi
o    Missouri
o    Montana
o    Nebraska
o    Nevada
o    New Hampshire
o    New Jersey
o    New Mexico
o    New York
o    North Carolina
o    North Dakota
o    Ohio
o    Oklahoma
o    Oregon
o    Pennsylvania
o    Rhode Island
o    South Carolina
o    South Dakota
o    Tennessee
o    Texas
o    Utah
o    Vermont
o    Virginia
o    Washington
o    Washington DC
o    West Virginia
o    Wisconsin
o    Wyoming