Step 4 - Make a List


You are now part of the greatest financial opportunity in the world! But if you don’t have anyone to share it with, it becomes meaningless. Before we continue, I would like for you to download another eBook. This one is called the "Ultimate Memory Jogger" and it won't cost you anything.

Ultimate Memory Jogger

How to Never Run Out of Quality Prospects

The biggest problem new people have in Network Marketing is coming up with enough quality prospects. One thing I highly recommend all new people to do is to read the book by “The Power of Who” by Bob Beaudine. (You may purchase it from by following the link). This book is all about making connections from within your current circle of friends and expanding that influence through the people you meet through your current circle. It really opened up my eyes that to the fact that we already know everyone we need to know in order to have success. Armed with this principle let’s look at what professionals do.

So how do you never run out of quality prospects?

You have to create an active candidate list. The key work here is active. Most new people in the business create a list in their mind of who they think will be great in this business. Then as they exhaust that list and have limited success with it they get discouraged and quit. The key here is it must be an active list; a list that is always growing as you meet new people.

Before we begin this discussion, I would like for you to watch another video by Eric Worre. This one is called “But I Don’t Know Anyone.”

The first step to creating an active candidate list is to write down everybody you know. I recommend using a journal to do this and be sure to only use this journal to grow your list. Over time you will fill it. Write now you’re thinking that you don’t know that many people but trust me, over time this list will grow and I am going to show you why. Don’t worry I’m not going to tell you to get on the phone with them all right now. This is just a list of everyone you know. Be sure to write EVERYONE down. As you are doing this there are some people on your list that will cause you to think of others that you have met through them. Put ‘em on your list.

Now you want to take this list with you everywhere you go.  As you continue through your daily routine your activities will trigger your memory and more people will come to mind. Write them down even if you don’t think there is any remote possibility that they will join your business. As you meet new people they are to be put on this list. When you join new organizations, place them on this list. As you meet new people through social media, put them on this list.

The goal over the rest of your life is to try to add at least 2 new contacts to your list every day. Think about it, if you add 2 a day five days a week then in a year’s time you will have added 520 potential prospects to your list every year. See how this list grows. Get into the habit of doing this and you will never have to worry about finding prospects again.

I want you to stop now and watch two more short videos by Eric Worre called “5 Steps to Never Ending Prospects” and “A Message to Online MLM Idiots”

5 Steps to Never Ending Prospects:

A Message to Online MLM Idiots:

So let's begin making our list. Open the Ultimate Memory Jogger and read the first three pages explaining how to create your list then get started. Once you've made your initial list, use the check mark system to identify your Top 25 Prospects. Place a check mark next to people that you have a common respect for; another next to people you know who are looking to supplement or replace their current income; and another next to people you know who can afford to get started NOW!

Anyone with 3 check marks is a QUALIFIED PROSPECT.

Now that we have determined who you want to talk to about your business, it's time to put together your plan of action and go to work.

After you have contacted everybody in your warm market the next step is to create 5 ways to generate leads. ONLY  AFTER you have contacted your warm market. Get through your warm market as fast as you can. 

Tools for Prospecting