Step 6 - Follow Up - Follow Through


  1. They will have no interest at all
  2. They will have questions and want to think about it 
  3. They want to become an CEO right away 
  4. They will buy the products
The goal after you have a meeting and show the plan is to book another meeting. You want to help that person become a CEO right away or develop a customer and move some products.
  1. NO INTEREST - If the person has no interest at all, your goal is to plant a seed. Share with them any CDs or DVDs you like. Your Hear the Doc website. Your 90 for Life site. Get them on a conference call. 
    Set up a time within 24 to 48 hours to pick up the stuff you left them and try to 
    make a product sale or sign them up. Make sure they understand the urgency and timing of the program right now. Maybe share something that has happened since the last time you saw them.
  2. HAS SOME QUESTIONS - If the person has some questions and wants to think about it, do the following: 

    • Leave them some tools that would fit for them
    • Set up a time within 24 to 48 hours to pick up the tools you left
    • Do a 3 way call with your upline or use the conference calls
    • Try to get them to an open meeting in the area
  3. THEY WANT TO SIGN UP - If they are ready to sign up...grab an application and fill it out right away. Encourage them to join with the $499 Mega Pack as it is the best way to join. Encourage and explain the power behind the autoship program and the training at Share with them the Hear the Doc website. 
    Only people serious about the business will make those commitments. It is your 
    job to encourage them to get on the autoship, the training and to LISTEN TO THE 8 STEPS Get Started Fast training RIGHT AWAY. Show them where the sponsoring video is.
Lead by example. 

Set up two or three meetings in their house and help them invite a few people to their house using the simple scripts in this training. Remember, Keep it Simple!

Help them start building their dream. Find out why they are building this business!

Leave some extra product samples if they are excited about certain products and a good book like the Magic of Thinking Big or Think and Grow Rich.

Build relationships around people, not through them. 

Develop customers, it’s fun, profitable and a great source for future leaders 

A message read or heard once is 66% forgotten within 24 hours and practically out of the mind in 30 days. Don’t overload a brand new CEO with too much information, they only need to know the next step. 


  1. YOU DID NOT GET THEM DREAMING - They are too comfortable with their situation
    Ask yourself, “Do you know what their dreams are”?
    Did you ask them what they would do if they hit the lottery?Did you ask them what they would do with an extra $1000 a month?
  2. THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND NETWORK MARKETING OR THE COMPENSATION PLAN - Remember, when someone says no to the business, it is because they don’t know enough. What your prospect is saying is, “Show me that I can really do this business” 
  3. He or she needs to go to a meeting or listen to a CD or DVD. You may encourage them to go to a larger event or meeting.
    Explain the concept of leveraging their time
  4. THEY DON'T BELIEVE THEY CAN DO IT  - They don’t understand how they themselves can be successful in the business based on their current circumstances. 
    They think they are too busy, too shy, can’t hold meetings because they don’t 
    know anyone who would want to do this, etc….

By knowing the above reasons, you can simply cover them while showing the plan! This helps them believe they can do it and make a decision.

Smile, you can do this 

Believe you can succeed and you will 

Success builds confidence, confidence creates activity, activity produces results, results create success which builds confidence, etc…