Why Become a 90 For Life CEO

All you need to do to be the CEO of your own 90 For Life Business is purchase The MEGA Healthy Start CEO Pack 1 time.

Here Is What You Get...

  • 2 Healthy Start Packs (2 Canisters of Beyond Tangy Tangerine, 2 Osteo-FX, 2 EFAs)
  • 1 CM Cream
  • 1 box (20 count) Triple Treat Chocolate
  • 1 box (30 count) Beyond Tangy Tangerine
  • 1 box (30 count) Body Trim 
  • 1 box (30 count) Rebound-fx 
  • 1 box (30 count) Pollen Burst
  • The CEO Training Manual
  • A FREE Ticket to all CEO training events forever (There are 4 every year)
  • Eligible for all Coding Bonuses 
  • Eligible for Silver Mercedes Car Bonus 
  • Eligible for Dream Car Bonus of a Corvette C6 or Ferrari F430 
  • Eligible for Global Revenue Sharing Pool 
  • Eligible for Stock Options
  • Eligible to be part of our YGY CEO Group on Facebook where you will be able to connect with and receive inside business training from TOP Youngevity Leaders. 

The MEGA Healthy Start CEO Pack Is Just $499

Your first goal is to enroll 4 people with the MEGA Healthy Start CEO Pack in your first 30 days by sharing the Dead Doctors Don't Lie recording. By doing so you will make $532 and your autoship next month will be FREE!

If you just focus on building 1 level per month you can be making $49,152 in just month 6 of building this business!  Even if 90% of the chart below does not happen you will still make $4,915 in month 6 of your business!!  That's a $60,000 income from just 6 months of working part time.

The reason why this type of income can be created so fast is because of the Dead Doctors Don't Lie recording.  This recording has created more millionaires then all other recordings combined!  It is by far the greatest business building tool ever created.

We will guide you through this business step by step.  You will be in business for yourself but not by yourself.  We have a proven system in place (shown on the left) that is super simple to follow.  If you follow our simple system you will achieve optimal health, extreme wealth, and total time freedom in your life!  You Can Do This!!