Using Facebook To Build Your Business

How To Use Facebook To Build Your YGY Business

I always recommend working as hard as you can on sharing information with your warm market FIRST.  Directions on how to do that are at step #3A.  If you decide to use Facebook to build your business it is important to start by having a good Facebook personal page. People have to know, like, and trust you before they will ever partner with you. Here is a list of things to do and not to do on your Facebook page:


  1. Post things that are going on in your life so people get to know you
  2. Post positive quotes, sayings, and pictures
  3. Make random posts about Youngevity products you are using. (write the post in a "story" format and include a pic!)

Don't Do:

  1. NEVER post a link to an audio recording (we will personally invite people there later)
  2. NEVER post a link to any YGY website (we will personally invite people there later)
  3. NEVER post a link to any other product or service from another company. Stay laser focused on 90 For Life.

The 90 For Life 10 Step Facebook Recruiting Strategy

  1. Make friends with new people daily. In order to be successful on Facebook you need friends. Preferably friends that live in your area.  It is very simple to find and become friends with people in your area!

    A) Go to your Facebook profile page.
    B) Click on "Friends" (this is located near the top of the page and will show you who you are already friends with)
    C) On the top right you will see a box that says "+ Find Friends" - click on that box
    D) Put a check mark in the second box down "Current City"
    E) Facebook will now show you EVERYONE on Facebook that lives close to you!
    F) Simple click on "Add Friend" next to their name
    G) I recommend doing 10 per day (50 per week, 200 per month, 2,500 per year) - IF you stay consistent with requesting people to be friends with every day you simply cannot fail at this business!)
  2. Like and comment on your friends posts often.  As more and more people become your friend on Facebook it is critical that you take the time every day to go through your Home page and like and comment on your friends posts as much as possible.  They will instantly notice that you are actually taking an interest in them.
  3. Send a compliment to friends via personal Facebook message. (5 per day 25 per week is recommended).

    example: Hello Joe! It is great to meet you!! I just wanted to say hi really quick and let you know that I love reading your positive posts. I am looking forward to getting to know you better. Have a great day :)

    (Obviously make the compliment about something good you noticed about them or their posts. ALL you want to do is make a compliment. That’s it.)
  4. A day or two after you send a compliment to a friend send this in the same Facebook message: Hello ________ have you ever heard a recording called "Dead Doctors Don't Lie"? A friend of mine sent me this CD and it changed my life forever. I found this to be the most powerful message I ever heard on how to have more energy, stay healthy, and live longer. During the past 20 years over 150,000,000 people have listened to this recording and millions of people have benefited from this valuable information.

    There is now an updated version of this recording.

    If I were to send you a CD of this recording would you listen to it?

    I really think you are going to find this information very interesting.

    Let me know! I hope you have a great day today :)
  5. After they email you back and say "Yes I will listen to it" send them this email:

    Ok great!  What address would you like me to send the CD to?
    (once you get their address send a DDDL CD to them in the mail.  Only mail the CD - nothing else. Make sure your name, website address and phone # are on the CD)
  6. Send them a Facebook message 4 days after you mail the CD:

    Hello _________!  Just checking to see if you received the Dead Doctors Don't Lie CD that I sent you in the mail yet?
    (When they reply back "YES" then send them this message...)

    Oh good!  You are going to LOVE this CD.  When do you think you will be able to listen to it by?  I just want to know when I should check back with you.
    (it is critical that you get a specific day they will listen to it by. It does not matter if they say "by tomorrow" or "by next Tuesday" or whenever they say.  All that matters is that you get a specific day that they will listen to it by." Then email them...)
    Ok great I will check back with you then to find out what caught your interest on the CD!
  7. Send them a Facebook message on the day they said they would listen to the CD by.

    Hi _________!  Just checking back with you to see if you had a chance to listen to the Dead Dcotors Don't Lie CD yet and what caught your interest.
    (They may say "no I have not yet".  Which is fine.  Simple ask them again "When will you be able to listen to it by?" Eventually they will listen to it as long as you keep following up with them.  They will also let you know what caught their interest.  Maybe they have a health problem they will share with you.  Maybe one of their family members or friends has a health problem they will share with you. The key at this point is to start a conversation via Facebook message.  That is what the Dead Doctors Don't Lie CD is meant for!)
  8. Once they have listened to Dead Doctors Don't Lie CD and told you that they liked it send them this message:  I am glad you liked the information on the CD! As Dr. Wallach explained in the recording there are 90 essential nutrients that your body needs every day to help you have more energy, stay healthy, and live longer. Unfortunately as Dr. Wallach mentioned it is impossible these days to get these 90 essential nutrients from the foods we eat.

    There is a video that I would like you to watch that explains the products that Dr. Wallach recommends at These products will give your body the 90 essential nutrients that your body needs every day in order to have more energy, stay healthy, and live longer.

    The video is 18 minutes long. When do you think you will be able to watch this video by?
  9. Email them back on the date they said they would watch the product video by: Did you get a chance to watch the 90 essential nutrients product video at yet?(Let them answer. Once they say "Yes I have" then send them this message....)Great! What did you like best about that video?  The part about the product or the part about the business??(If they say "The Products" send them this message...)Great! Are you interested in purchasing The Healthy Start Pack?

    The Healthy Start Pack is only $115 for all 3 products. Ever since I started using the Healthy Start Pack I feel like a new person! I have more energy and I feel better now than I ever have in my life!

    Just go to (enter your personal website address in here and click on the Join button in the upper right corner. Then choose the $10 Welcome Kit at the bottom of the page.  By spending $10 on this Welcome Kit you will be able to forever purchase any Youngevity product at a 30% discount!

    Click continue and the click on "Add To Autoship" under that Health Start Pak for $115. Your first order will be shipped today and your autoship order will be shipped in 30 days. By doing it this way you will qualify for FREE shipping on your autoship orders!  You can cancel this autoship at anytime. If you have any questions call me at ________________. Welcome To 90 For Life!!

    If their initial reply was "The Business" send them this message

    Great! Please go to and watch the 90 For Life Business Presentation. It is only 20 minutes long and it will explain to you how this business works!

    When do you think you will be able to watch this video by?
  10. Email them back on the date they said they would watch the business video by:
    Did you get a chance to watch the 90 For Life Business Presentation at yet?

    If so, are you interested in becoming your own CEO and making some extra money from home by just sharing the Dead Doctors Don’t Lie CD with people?

    Let them answer that question and then reply with this:

    All you need to do to be the CEO of your own 90 For Life Business is purchase The Healthy Start CEO pack 1 time

    It is $399 for the Healthy Start CEO pack

    You would pay $115 for the Healthy Start Pack anyway to stay healthy

    The other $285 gets you...

    1. The CEO Training Manual
    2. Unlimited access to all CEO training events
    3. Eligible for all Coding Bonuses
    4. Eligible for Silver Mercedes Car Bonus
    5. Eligible for Dream Car Bonus of a Corvette C6 or Ferrari F430
    6. Eligible for Global Revenue Sharing Pool
    7. Eligible for Stock Options
    8. Eligible to be part of our YGY CEO Group on Facebook where you will be able to connect with and receive inside business training from top Youngevity Leaders

    Or you can get the CEO MEGA PACK and receive $400 worth of additional products for only $100 extra!

    On top of everything you are getting with the CEO pack you will get an extra Healthy Start Pack (that's $115 savings alone), 30 packets of Beyond Tangy Tangerine that you can use for sampling, 20 pieces of our healthy chocolate, 30 packets of our healthy energy drink Pollen Burst, 30 packets of our post workout drink Rebound, and 30 packets of our weight loss drink BodyTrim!

    If you just enroll 4 people with this same CEO pack for $499 and you will make $520 back! Plus your Healthy Start Pack autoship will be free next month! This is your chance to achieve optimal health and total freedom in your life!! You can do this!!! All you need to do is be willing to share the Dead Doctors Don't Lie CD with people just like I shared it with you.

    To get started just go to (put the link to your 90 For Life personal website here and click on Join in the upper right corner. The Independent Marketing Director should already be selected at the top and the CEO MEGA PACK should also already be selected. Just fill out the form and you will be a YGY CEO!

    I recommend selecting the Pro Version Website because you will get the 3 videos on your personal website just like I do. If you join today we will wave the $19.95 monthly fee for the website!

    As soon as they send you your Youngevity ID# please email it to me and I will send you our YGY CEO Group Training Manual which will show you exactly how to build this business!

    Welcome to Youngevity!
    (if you have someone who is on the fence and can't decide if they want to join or not keep sending them to another exposure 1 at a time. After each exposure try and close them again by simply asking them "Are you ready to get started?")

    Here are more exposures you can send them to:
    1. Daily Blitz Calls (to find out when they are click here)
    2. Tues night webinars at
    3. Videos on
  11. Teach
    Once your new member purchases one of the CEO packs it is critical to move them into action ASAP. Direct them to and make sure they complete all the tasks found on the links down the left.

    What you are doing here is pouring people into a funnel. Along the way many people will fall out of the funnel never to be found again. Don't let that bother you. You are only focused on the people who are still in the funnel and responding to you. If you are consistent and compliment 5 people every day - 25 per week - 1,000 per year expect 900 to say "No" to you. That means that you will personally enroll 100 people in the next 365 days on the Healthy Start Pack! Once you reach that level you will have more money and more free time then you will know what to do with for the rest of your life!

    This will cost you $399 or $499 upfront but you will make $520 in your first month by just enrolling 4 CEOs. Plus your autoship will be free every month with free shipping! There is no business in the world as easy as this business is to run. You can do this!  Just be consistent every day, NO EXCUSES!!

The key to reaching your YGY WIG is to do a few simple things every day consistently over time.

Those few simple things are:
  1. Use the Healthy Start Pack every day so you can achieve optimal health
  2. Spend 20-40 minutes every day working on your personal growth
  3. Befriend new people on Facebook every day
  4. Compliment 5 of your Facebook Friends every day with a private message
  5. Invite people to listen to the Dead Doctors Don’t Lie CD (don't go to bed without sharing 1 CD per day)
  6. Invite people to watch the product video
  7. Invite people to watch the business video
  8. Personally enroll new Customers
  9. Personally enroll new CEOs
  10. Teach your new CEOs how to follow this plan
IF you do these 10 simple things every day consistently over time there is no way you can fail at this business!

The real key to succeeding on Facebook is