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Making Commitments

Weekly Hump Day Call - 4 Keys to Success
Wednesday Mornings at 9am Estern Time
Hosted by Keith Abell
Dial In Number:  +1 (515) 604-9000
Access Code: 505611

There are Four Keys to Success in Network Marketing. On these Hump Day calls we will cover various topics relating to these four keys.

Key 1 - Inspiration: Finding your inspiration. What inspired, or motivated you to join us  in the first place.

Key 2 - Motivation: Learning how to take that inspiration and form a wildly important goal, your motivation.

Key 3 - Determination:taking that wildly important goal and developing your massive action plan for success. Your Massive action plan crystallizes your Determination into a road-map for success by providing you with all the tools you will need.

Key 4 - Perspiration: This is where you finally execute your Massive Action Plan and actually put it into use. 

Weekly AIM High Team Training - 8 Steps To Success Training System
Wednesday Evening at 7pm Eastern Time

Hosted by Keith Abell
Dial In Number:  +1 (515) 604-9000
Access Code: 505611

The purpose of this training is to increase your odds for success. I'm not giving tips and ideas. I'm not doing that. I mean I'm not!

My goal is to teach a very specific system. And there's a difference between learning a tip, learning an idea and learning a system. And there's three concepts to internalize along with these eight steps and I'm going to give them to you.

In 2015 I traveled all across the country meeting with some of the most influential folks in the network marketing industry. Folks in our company and from other companies as well. After meeting with all these successful, highly successful people, I could share with you any tip or idea that I want to but instead I'm going to give you the three concepts and the eight steps that I had learned from them that will increase your odds drastically for success.

There's reasons people make it in this industry and there's reasons people don't and if you can get plugged in and get on track and just stay on track it's just not that difficult.

If you're brand new and you're getting started, duplication is the issue. And here is the thing. There are eight steps and three concepts and every single person that you bring in can follow these eight steps and three concepts.

The Live Team Hangout

The AIMHighTeam gets together for a LIVE team hangout. Most hangouts will be on our team conference bridge. Occasionally we will broadcast over YouTube and via Google Hangouts. These calls will be to inspire and motivate, to give you the keys for success.

Conference Line: +1 (515) 604-9000
Access Code: 505611

Next Training Hangout is scheduled for: May 17, 2016 at 9pm

Past Calls in this training series:

Introduction and Understanding Three Concepts: 05/13/2016:  

Determine Your Why: 05/15/2-16:

You are invited to join Dr Corey Gold for the GCN Team Weekly Conference call EVERY TUESDAY.

Also check out Dr. Corey Gold's Youngevity Team Training Website. Including New Webcasts, Audios, Videos, PDF's and other materials on how to build a successful business!!!
Please join us for an informative and uplifting discussion with Dr Corey Gold every Tuesday.   
5:30 PM Pacific
6:30 PM Mountain
7:30 PM Central
8:30 PM Eastern
 dialing in: 641-715-3655,296575#

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Eric Worre, the author of the Go Pro, 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional book that I talk about all the time is offering what he calls "The Next Level Training Program!"

This is a private two week training experience that he is offering at no cost. He normally charges $497 for this training series.

The training includes a combination of:
-  In depth training
-  Specific assignments
-  Business Building challenges
-  Even a few special perks along the way to recognize your commitment to making 2016 your best ever.

There is still time for you to join the free course.  If you'd like be a part of it, just click on this link to register. If you have any problem with the link or getting registered then send me an email and I will do what I can to get you the training series.

Healthy Lifestyle Champions Call

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Youngevity also hosts a variety of corporate sponsored calls. For a complete list of all of the corporate calls and webinars visit the corporate website, times are subject to change occasionally)

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Get your day off to a FAST START with Tom Chenault and his special guests for a quick burst of high energy, high impact motivation and topical information.

5:30AM PT, 6:30AM MT, 7:30AM CT, 8:30AM ET 212-990-8000, pin: 75555#


For up to the minute updates on companywide announcements, and your daily dose of FOOD FOR THOUGHT, join Corp VP’s, Youngevity Leadership Elite, and their special guests on this 30 minute motivational and inspirational call.

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The shortest distance between you and your next Rep/Distributor is the Income Opportunity, or BLITZ Call! Three-way your guests and prospects on to any of these calls to join Corp VP of Training, Steve Schulz or one of his special guests on this fast paced 15 minute introduction to the GREATEST opportunity in business today: Youngevity.

Available 24/7, just dial: 618-355-1919

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