The Keys to Success

It is so important to get started the right way, so that you can experience immediate success!  We have a proven system that gets you started and into action from the moment you sign up.  The most exciting part of the system, is that you aren't alone!  Whew!  What a relief.  Isn't it nice to know that you will be in business for yourself, but not BY yourself?  It's like you have been handed the key to your new business in one hand, and your other hand is being held by your up-line success leader. 

So let's get started! First we are going to make a few assumptions.  We are going to assume that you have done the following:
  1. That you have ordered your CEO pack for $499 which included product, your website, and training materials
  2. That you have created a 150 BV autoship order
  3. That you have printed the "90 for Life Training Manual" document.
  4. That you have ordered your 90 for LIfe Savings Cards.   Click here to order. The pharmacy cards are "door openers." You give them away, people save money on their meds, and they reinvest that money into great nutrition so that hopefully, they can get OFF their medication.  It's so EASY to give something away for FREE! ask them..."if I could show you a way to make money by giving away something for free, would you be interested?"  Who can't do that?
The SEMD level in the Youngevity business has proven to be the reference point which begins to identify you as a serious business builder. You are going to be a Senior Executive Marketing Director! Decide it – Speak it – Believe it. Believe it and then you will achieve it. We believe in you… Now it’s just doing it.

You have decided that nothing is going to stop you on your way to SEMD, so let's GO!

Now you will make a list of people who you want to invite into your business, remember that the bigger your desire and belief, the longer your list will be.  Don't be shy, EVERYONE could use more TIME, MONEY, or BETTER HEALTH or all three!

And you will also take time to sit down with your family to create a schedule of when you will be working your business. It is important that you "clock in" at specific times, with a minimum commitment of at least 10-15 hours per week. Now conference calls are important, but don't confuse being on conference calls with working your business!

Now you will contact your upline leader and use their support to help you with your list.  You will use this system:

  • Invite
  • Expose
  • Close
and duplicate

All with the help and guidance of your upline!

Go to the Cycle of Duplication to begin your journey.