The Law of Attraction and Network Marketing

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The Law of Attraction and Network Marketing

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Hi, my name is Bob Doyle, and I’m the CEO and founder of Boundless Living, and the facilitator of the Wealth Beyond Reason program. Over the next few minutes, I’ll be sharing with you the principles that we teach in our program as they apply to Network Marketing. Understanding and utilizing these principles will give you a very definite advantage when it comes to attracting the perfect customers and/or distributors to grow your business – AND have fun doing it.

There’s no doubt that network marketing can be a very exciting and very lucrative way to generate income, while growing your own business, and being your OWN boss. Done correctly, you are able to work your own hours and virtually decide your own salary based on just how much energy you wish to put into your endeavors.

However, network marketing is not without its significant challenges. It’s no secret that there are some rather negative connotations with network marketing that make your job as a distributor and a recruiter all that more challenging. We all hear about how people start to run away from you when they know you’re going to try to sell them your stuff, or get you to join their downline. It’s almost a running joke about how friends and family will start to avoid you because they know you’re likely to launch into your presentation.

Ideally, this business should not feel like selling. It shouldn’t feel like you’re trying to convince people of anything. You shouldn’t dread approaching people. There shouldn’t be fear or worry about making the next sale.

Unfortunately, all too often people have a “do or die” attitude with their network marketing business. Many times, they are depending on the promise of huge residual income to the point where they feel nearly desperate to make sales and build a large organization. Yet, they find that when they start sharing their products or opportunity, no one seems to be interested, even though you’re saying “all the right things”, and seem to be displaying enthusiasm.

It absolutely doesn’t have to be this way, and it absolutely should NOT be this way.

There are very specific reasons these types of things occur, and some of those reasons are not so obvious. When you can begin to get an understanding of what’s going on at an unseen level, you can begin to make adjustments to who you are that will communicate so much differently to those you talk to. So I mentioned understanding things on an unseen level…and that is the heart of what I’m here to talk with you about. 

Because you see there is a LOT going on that you don’t see – that isn’t tangible. There are Universal Laws at work in your life at all times that affect your experience, and those most definitely includes your experience with your network marketing business.

Now if these concepts are new to you, you might be tempted to dismiss them completely, but I urge you to keep listening, and give yourself the absolute gift of understanding them. Because whether or not you believe anything I say here is irrelevant. These laws ARE at work in your life, and they WILL determine your level of success.

The principle I want to give you an understanding of with regards to success in Network Marketing, and indeed ANY area of your life, is the Law of Attraction. To understand how the Law of Attraction works, you need to have a basic understanding of some of the physics of this Universe of which we are all a part. Primarily, that broken down, everything - seen and unseen – is Energy…and invisible Energy at that. Human beings have this incredible ability to interpret much of this energy as physical matter…as solid objects. Or to be able to interpret some of this energy as sound, or taste, or to experience this Energy as thoughts, ideas, and emotions. This is the experience of being human. And with this experience, we’ve been given an incredible ability – and that is to literally shape every aspect of our existence in accordance with our desires.
That is to say that we can literally be, do, or have anything we can imagine.

However to do that, it helps to understand HOW we attract those things into our experience. When you understand this, you’ll quickly be able to see what you need to be doing in order to make your network marketing business one exciting success after another WITHOUT all the all-too-familiar negative experiences sometimes associated with network – or referral marketing.

First, I’m just going to give you a quick definition of the Law of Attraction, and then through examples, I’m going to unfold how it works in the life of a Network Marketer. If you can understand that we are all Energy, and that Energy vibrates at various frequencies, you’re ready to understand that the Law of Attraction states that we attract into our experience that with which we are in vibrational resonance. In other words, if we’re putting out a vibration of worry or fear, we’ll attract into our experience MORE things to worry about or be afraid of. Conversely, if we are putting out a predominant vibration of abundance and joy, we’ll attract more experiences that perpetuate those feelings.

Now, as I said, that’s a quick definition, and there are several nuances to that because what we THINK we’re vibrating – or putting out to the Universe – is very often very different than what’s ACTUALLY going out there – and we’ll talk about that shortly.

So how to we adjust our predominant frequency? How do we determine what we’re putting out there? Without getting into mind-boggling science, I’ll simply short-cut the explanation by telling you that it’s our EMOTIONS that determine, and at the same time TELL US, what we’re attracting. If you want to know what you’re currently attracting into your experience, check in with how you feel. Now again, there are conscious feelings, and there are feelings and beliefs that are going on at a subsconcious level as well – and very often it’s the unconscious feelings that are dominating what you’re actually putting out there at a level of Energy, and thus attracting.

So while you may truly be excited about your product or opportunity, and go out into the world all “on fire” on a conscious level, you may actually still have some beliefs that this is all “too good to be true”, that this will “never work for you”, or that “nobody is going to buy from me”, or other similar beliefs. Or perhaps you have that desperate “do or die” thing going on. That emits a very specific vibration as well.

Given that these underlying beliefs were generally instilled in you at a very early age, they have a very powerful influence over what’s possible for you, even if you are consciously very excited and enthusiastic about what you’re sharing with people. And this leads me to point out another very common phenomenon in network marketing. Very often new distributors are so captivated by the potential of large commissions and residual income for life, that they talk themselves into consciously believing in the product and opportunity more than they actually do. In other words, the WANT to believe it, so they act as if they do…and really believe that they do, but only at a surface level. If they were truly honest with themselves, they could see that there was still doubt there.

The problem is that we as human beings absolutely DO communicate on unspoken levels, and that’s not just through our body language, but through completely unseen ways. We just “know” when someone isn’t being 100% forthright with us. Or in the case of network marketing, we can just somehow see through the surface enthusiasm and know that this person just wants a sale, or wants to recruit us, and may even be desperate to do so. And given that no potential recruit want to see themselves in that position, they’ll most likely NOT join your organization because they don’t want to occur to others they way that you’re occurring to them.

The ONLY way to NOT communicate those unseen messages is for them to NOT be there in the first place. In other words, your vibration has to be pure.

Believe me, I’ve had my share of experience in the industry - I noticed something about the most successful people in the organization.

…or I should say the successful people that I would want to emulate, as there are clearly those in such organization that might make a lot of money, but in NO way personify the type of person I would want to be.

The people who did well never EVER came across as salesly or hypey…even though they might be saying the exact same words, giving the exact same presentation, as those who could not make a sale. And by the way, I fell in to the latter category. I was involved in Network Marketing years before I knew anything about the Law of Attraction, and I was most definitely in a “do or die” situation. Outside I felt like I was sounding oh-so smooth, presenting a compensation plan that no one in their right mind could possible refuse…but inside I was petrified, I didn't believe these people were going to go for it, and I also knew in the case of my friends and family that they were seeing a version of me that was completely incongruent with who they knew me to be. You need to hear that.

If you go from being one way with your sphere of influence to someone who has suddenly become inexplicably “all about” this new product and opportunity, it’s just too much of a shift for people who know you. Your predominant vibration – the one they are used to experiencing (on a subconscious level of course) has suddenly gone into what is occurring to them as chaos, and it literally repels them. And when I say repel, I’m talking about at a scientific level of Energy here. Your energy just is NOT meshing with theirs as they are used to, and there is a ton of resistance between you now.

In those situations, you’re only likely to get the sale if the person is doing it to do you a favor…and if you’re selling a consumable product, they may order a few months, and then after they feel like they've done what they can for you, they’ll stop.

A common example used in the network marketing circles is sharing a movie you like.

Sharing your product or opportunity should feel just as natural. When you've seen a movie that you feel someone would like, you don’t pull out a sheet showing the box office results from the first two weeks, or extolling the accolades of the various actors to convince them that the movie deserves your attention. No, instead you say just a sentence or two, in full integrity, about how you experienced the movie. That’s all you have to do.

If the person is inclined to see it – if they are in vibrational resonance with it – then they’ll see. If they aren't, they won’t. It’s nothing about YOU (and so many network marketers make a “no” all about themselves because they work so HARD to give the presentation and then are rejected).

So what do you do?

Well, the most important thing is that you've started your networking business for the right reasons. And how will you know this? Well, first, the product or service you’re promoting should be completely in alignment with your purpose and/or passions. Sharing this product should be something that you would do if you made not one penny from doing it. If your product doesn't fit that bill, it’s going to be more of a struggle for you than it should be.

Let’s take the Nutritional supplement industry for example. The people who do extremely well in that industry are people who’s lives were changed as a result of using the product themselves.

And I’m talking about REALLY changed. Not just “well, after 3 days I saw I had more Energy”. While that may be true, that’s often not enough to persuade someone to purchase something that they feel they can buy over the counter for significantly less money. Of course if you were talking to someone with chronic fatigue syndrome, the “more energy” results could do the trick.

You probably hear it all the time: “Be a product of the product”. And that’s true. Because when you are TRULY a product of the product, then your enthusiasm is totally genuine and not hype. But most importantly, your vibration is pure. It’s not cluttered with concern over whether the prospect believes you or not – because you’re 100% clear how incredible this product is – not because the organization has shared dozens of stories with you, but because YOU ARE LIVING PROOF.

I know that the mantra in network marketing is “talk to people”, and if that doesn't work, “talk to more people”. For the most part, it’s presented as a numbers game. And for those who don’t understand how the Law of Attraction is at work, that is most likely true.

You’re going to have to go through a lot of no’s to get the number of yes’s you want. But most people don’t have the skin for that…and it’s not fun to hear a lot of no’s…and after a while it’s easy to get discouraged and quit, particularly if you've been ostracized by friends and family due to an overzealous approach.
So the key is to attract the PERFECT prospects for the product and the PERFECT prospects for the opportunity, and not to worry about the rest. You should never EVER find yourself in the situation of trying to convince someone that they “should” try your product, or they “SHOULD” join your organization. If they’re not in vibrational resonance with either of those things, YOU can’t change that. You can only continue to be true to YOUR purpose and passions within the organization so that you can attract a tremendous amount of success – because your success is what’s going to do the best job of selling your wares…not your ability to give a slick presentation.

Ok, so HOW do you turn on that magnet to the perfect people? Obviously that’s what you want to know, right? How can you make building your business effortless and fun?

Well, first we have to make sure of a few things:

  1. That you’re in the right business. DOES this product or service call to you, or are you chasing dollars only? Be honest with yourself. Does this opportunity allow you to express who you are and what you’re here to do?
  2. WOULD you share the product with people even if money wasn't involved…or if someone ELSE got the money as a result? If you can honestly answer yes to this, then you've demonstrated detachment – which is a key principle in working with the Law of Attraction. Detachment comes from a knowing that your ultimate vision will be realized, and that you needn't understand the particulars of how that’s going to occur.
  3. Do you, in fact, HAVE a vision? Why are you in this business? What do you want your life to be as a result? Simply saying, “to make good money sharing a good product” is rarely enough. You need to have a vision for your life. Most importantly, how do you want to FEEL as a result of success with this company.

    Remember that it’s our feelings that determine what we attract, so our ultimate goal is to be clear on precisely how we want to feel, then generate the feelings as much as possible so that we stay in that state of attraction until we realize whatever goal or desire we have our attention on. We’ll talk more about specifically how to do this.
  4. You never want to compare your success or results with others. You are on YOUR path. You will progress with YOUR level of efficiency. YES, you can learn from others and be inspired by their successes, but you should never envy their successes, because this only perpetuates a vibration that you “don’t have”.

Throughout this process, it’s going to be important to keep our eyes in the prize, and our thoughts and feelings on where we want them to be as opposed to where we don’t want them to be. That is, we should approach each day with the feeling of living into our vision of success, rather than one of trying to escape a situation we don’t like. For example if you’re struggling for money, and see this opportunity as a way to end that struggle, then keep your focus on what it will look and feel like to have no struggle, instead of the struggle itself. If you constantly remind yourself of how bad things are and how much they need to change, you are simply perpetuating the vibration of all those things you don’t like…and thus will continue to attract more of those things.

The Universe is completely neutral. It’s simply responding to your vibration. You decide the good and bad. You’re free to interpret every situation that occurs in your life however you’d like. That’s important to know as you move forward because things may occur in your day to day that you have historically interpreted as “bad” things, and thus you choose to have your emotions affected negatively (although admittedly, it doesn't feel like a choice in the moment). When you allow your emotion to shift in that negative way, you shift your vibration accordingly, and become a magnet to more things that will perpetuate whatever experience you are having. This is why bad days tend to stay that way or get worse. And, by the way, it’s why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

They have vibrational momentum going and unless something changes it, the Universe will respond in kind.
So assuming that you’re clear that you are on the right track in terms of your chose opportunity, let’s talk about specific ways to adjust what you’re putting out there to the Universe so that you can define how you experience this business.

First, you’ll need to create some parameters for your vision. You’ll want to write down everything you want your day to day business to look and FEEL like. When do you wake up? Do you get right to work, or do you enjoy a nice walk and a cup of coffee first. Keep in mind that there are no right or wrong ways to define your vision. It’s totally up to YOU and what lights YOU up. The idea is to make this vision so completely compelling that you would never in a million years allow yourself to give it up.

Create fun scenarios where you are sharing your product with people who can’t WAIT to hear all about it. Imagine what it would feel like to be told DAILY that you are an answer to their prayers…that you couldn't answer their questions quickly enough…and that they’re all but begging you for distributor information. Write these scenarios down as if you were writing a script for a film…then run that film in your imagination over and over as if you were sitting right there in it, experiencing it. You want to literally FEEL the experience happening on as many sensory levels as possible.

Imagine the feeling at being at a company meeting surrounded by dozens of highly successful distributors that you found with seemingly no effort, all of whom are experiencing changed lives because of the gift of this product, this opportunity, and having YOU as their upline!

Then create a vision of the FREEDOM you have created for yourself. Imagine the vacations, the homes, the cars (if those are things that appeal to you of course It is when you are in this state that the appropriate magnet is on. I say “appropriate” because it’s important to realize that the magnet is ALWAYS on. You’re ALWAYS attracting, and if you’re not attracting what you truly want, then you’re attracting something else.
Don’t worry about HOW you achieve these things, or how HARD you had to work, or how many distributors you had to recruit or ANY of that stuff! Because the Universe handles the details. You maintain your vibration of HAVING, and the Universe, through the Law of Attraction will deliver it to you.

This doesn't mean you will not take action. You will. But that action will be INSPIRED – fueled by intuitive nudging to go here, call that person, try this or that in a presentation, and so on – and it will all feel effortless.
Granted, shifting your predominant mindset from one of worry and fear to one of perpetual excited vision can take time – and depending on your background, you might experience a significant amount of what we call “resistance” – which is just another system of energy that is vibrating at a frequency that is NOT in resonance with what you’re consciously wanting to attract. This resistance is often the Ego trying to maintain control of the status quo, or old limiting beliefs that are deeply embedded into your subconscious.

But the more time you spend living your vision in your minds eye, or on paper, or even through things like creating collages of pictures of things you’d like to be a part of your future such as homes, cars, and furniture, the more your predominant vibration begins to shift toward being in resonance with HAVING those things. The key is to be persistent, and to understand fully that the Law of Attraction is not just some new-agey pie-in-the-sky theory, but science…and it’s a science that’s relatively easy to understand, albeit sometimes more challenging to implement right away based on your life experience and past beliefs.

Now, I know that things like goal setting, visualization, and affirmations are nothing new…and it may sound like that’s what I've described. However, there is MORE to it than that. Many people have tried goal setting and not reached their goals – done visualization but not ever experienced the reality of it, and stated affirmations that they did not believe on any level.

The difference here is that now you have a deeper level understanding of why these things work or don’t work. They WORK when you use them as tools to bring yourself into vibrational resonance with what you’re going for. They DON’T work, if you’re just going through the motions, without the E-motion that gets that predominant frequency moving in the right direction. THAT is the key distinctions. That’s why those techniques work for some, but not for others. Some people naturally get into a high emotional state while doing them, and other don’t. Some people have less resistance than others. But there is NO ONE that is immune from the Law of Attraction. There is no one that this CAN’T work for, and there is no one that cannot experience unreasonable levels of success in their endeavors of purpose and passion.

And the process above is just one of countless ways to become in resonance with what you desire…and of course the power of the Law of Attraction extends far beyond the boundaries of Network Marketing, and touches every aspect of your life, both personal and professional.

Remember that not everyone who has wild success and happiness in their life is consciously utilizing these principles. They simply naturally have less resistance, or whatever they’re doing is so in line with who they are that they are just naturally in the flow. They naturally attract success effortlessly. And all of us have the same ability, though not the same background, so learning about what’s really going on out there can prove to level the playing ground and give everyone an opportunity to experience Wealth Beyond Reason!

This short seminar has given you a glimpse at the wonder and power of the Law of Attraction. While it is a simply law in principle, as I mentioned before, it’s not always so easy to implement based on the amount of resistance we may have in our lives. Our Wealth Beyond Reason program is all about identifying and completely eliminating that resistance, as well as providing the most thorough explanation of the science of the Law of Attraction possible. Further, we give you specific strategies for dealing with the things that occur for people when they start intentionally living their lives by design. We invite you to follow the link to our web site to learn how to most powerfully integrate these principles to not only build a sprawling business, but to experience truly Boundless Living in all areas of your life. Remember to always follow your passions. They know the way!