The Power of Duplication: What is possible?


The Power of Duplication:   What is possible?

The Millionaires Club is a recommended strategy for people to begin using the products and get on track toward becoming a millionaire!  We invite Distributors to redirect their spending using at least 140 BV (about $150) a month of higher quality wholesale products perhaps similar to what they are already using and sponsor one other person each month to do the same.  This is how the club grows…

MonthYou SponsorDistributors
1You and one other person1+1=2
2You each add one person2+2=4
3You each add one person4+4=8
4You each add one person8+8=16
5You each add one person16+16=32
6You each add one person32+32=64
7You each add one person64+64=128
8You each add one person128+128=256
9You each add one person256+256=512
10You each add one person512+512=1,024
11You each add one person1,024+1,024=2,048
12You each add one person2,048+2,048=4,096
13You each add one person4,096+4,096=8,192
14You each add one person8,092+8,092=16,384

After 14 months, you have 16,384 people purchasing at least 140 BV (about $150) per month of wholesale product.

16,384  x  140BV  =  2,293,760 BV  in total volume of which you receive an average of 4% over the different levels.  This produces a monthly commission amount of over $91,750 paid directly to you from the company.  $91,750  x  12 months  =  $1,101,005 per year!

The Power of Duplication: Is it realistic?

Obviously, millionaires aren't born overnight.  Someone is likely to break the cycle, meaning that it may take you longer or you may not reach the full goal.  But ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you have a better plan for achieving financial and time freedom?
  2. What if it takes you two or three or even four times as long?
  3. What if you only reach half way?  Or a quarter of the way?  Or a tenth of the way?
  4. Could you be satisfied with $100,000 a year of ongoing, repeated income?
The power of duplication really works!  It is helpful to have some direction and be taking one step at a time to achieve your goal.  Join the Millionaires Club.  Put yourself on track to become a Millionaire through this steady process of building.  Find one other person each month who shares this goal and is willing to find one other person to redirect their spending on higher quality products they are already using.  It is the power of duplication… and it works!