Now that we have determined who you want to talk to about your business, it's time to put your plans into action and go to work but before we move on I want to share two more videos on prospecting by Eric Worre. These are actually two videos in a series called The Prospecting Mindset.

The Prospecting Mindset #1 

The Prospecting Mindset #2

Once you have developed The Million Dollar Mindset and you have begun following the principles of How to Never Run Out of Quality Prospects then you are ready to move on to How to Invite Properly.

Keep this in mind; every person on your list could be worth $10,000 per year if you approach them properly. Unfortunately, none of us knows who that person is. Before we begin this section I want you to watch another video by Eric Worre called “Stop Being So Needy.” This short video will help you get into the correct mindset before you begin inviting people to your opportunity.

Stop Being So Needy.


Before you can start inviting people you have to get an idea of what you are inviting them to. When we get right down to it there are only 2 types of tools that you can invite people to; A third party tool or an event of some kind. I highly recommend that you get in touch with your up-line leaders and find out what approach works best for them and what approach they think will work best based on your personality. The idea here is to keep things as simple as possible so they can be duplicable for your potential business partners. The first look will answer a lot of questions and they will be more likely to join your team at the event.

Some of the promotional tools available for this first look are:
  • The Healthy Body Challenge hotline, which is our 24/7 prerecorded conference line (618-355-1919 for English or 800-705-2436 for Spanish)
  • The Videos on your My 90 For Life™ website
  • The Success From Home magazines and DVDs.
It doesn’t matter which one you choose as a first look.

When it comes to third party tools I am talking about a DVD, CD, Magazine, Brochure, Website or some other tangible tool the prospect can review. These are a little less personable. They are a one way form of communication. Your prospect can’t stop and ask questions while reviewing the tool. On the other hand, you can invite your prospect to attend some type of event such as, a home meeting, a group meeting, a 1 on 1 or 2 on 1 meeting, a webinar, a conference call, or a 3 way call. These types of tools allow a little more flexibility because the prospect has more of a chance to ask questions as you go along.

In the beginning your up line may have you start out with the third party tools and then a 3-way conference call with the up-line. If there is already an active group in your area then your up-line may have you start out by inviting your prospects to an event. No matter which method you learn the key here is that whatever you do has to be simple and duplicable throughout your organization. Watch this short video by Eric Worre called “Let’s Talk Duplication”

Let’s Talk Duplication

Now that you have decided on what you will be inviting your prospects to, let’s take a look at a 7 step formula for recruiting.

Step 1, Be In A Hurry

When you contact your prospect be in a hurry; say to them “I don’t have a lot of time . . .” or “I’m running out the door . . .” Being in a hurry minimizes questions. It also gives a sense of urgency at legitimacy to what you are about to ask them.

Step 2, Complement

Next you want to complement your prospect. Pay them a sincere complement like “I really value your opinion” or “You have been really successful in your life” Get the point? You want to edify the person you are talking to making them feel like their opinion really does matter. This reduces the likelihood of them saying no to asking for their help.

Step 3, Invite

Remember you are in a hurry so get right to the point. Invite them to review your tool or come to your event. Respect their time and yours as well by making this as brief as possible. There are three types of approaches you can use depending on the prospect and the situation. The direct approach; the indirect approach; or the super-indirect approach.

The direct approach is to come right out and say that you want to show them an opportunity. Most new people in this business use this approach on everybody. Unfortunately the direct approach usually only works on people that you are the closest to like a best friend. In actuality this approach should only be used with a very few people.

With the indirect approach you are asking someone for their opinion. This is where you edify someone and tell them you really value their opinion. Tell them that you are looking at a way to increase your income and that you would like for them to look at it and tell you what they think.  This approach is the one that you will use most often because everyone is willing to tell you what they think about something. Everyone wants their opinion to be of value.

The third approach is the super-indirect approach. In this approach you actually get your prospects guard completely down by telling them that you don’t think this for them but you would like to know who they think would benefit from what you have to say. Often after seeing what you share they will actually say that they are interested. If not they are usually more than happy to give you a referral to talk to about it. When the person they refer you to joins then you go back to them and say, so and so decided to jump on this opportunity, would you like to sign them up under you or would you prefer that I have them. You will be surprised at how often the person that made the referral actually signs up because they don’t want to miss out.

Step 4, If I, Would You?

Always invite by asking the question in this way, “If I lent you this DVD, would you watch it and tell me what you think,” or “If I invited you to join our mastermind group, would you join?” This psychologically takes away the sense of commitment from the immediate question. Your asking “If” you did something would they do it not directly telling them that you ARE going to do something.

Step 5, Get A Time Commitment

Once they agree that “if” you asked them to do something that they would do it then get a time commitment. “So if I lent you this DVD then you would be able to watch it by _____?” Once again you are indirectly asking them for a commitment. Once they agree on a time frame then you move on to step 6.

Step 6, Confirm

Now they have agreed that if you lend them the DVD they would watch it by a certain date you get the commitment from them to actually follow through. “Ok, I will drop off the DVD tomorrow for you to review. You said you would be able to watch it by whatever date” then you make the appointment to pick up the DVD and to get their opinion.

Step 7, Get Off The Phone

Remember, you started the conversation by implying you were in a hurry so get off the phone. This reduces the likelihood that your prospect will start asking questions like “what is this about?” If they do manage to throw the question in before you get off the phone just remind them that you are in a hurry and whatever you invited them to do will answer a lot of their questions.
We have covered a lot of information so far. Next we will continue our discussion on how to approach people about your business. Once this is mastered you will be well on your way to success as a network marketing professional.