When inviting your prospects to your scheduled event, the less you say the better, because your only objective at this point is to get them in front of the business presentation. Don’t attempt to explain the opportunity on the phone; because if you confuse ’em, you’ll lose ’em! Let the Business Presentation answer their questions, just like it did for you!

There are many different ways to share the opportunity with your Prospects. Choose the one(s) you feel most comfortable with. It doesn’t matter how you present the opportunity as long as you present it!
  • One-on-One: You present to your Prospect. 
  • Two-on–One: You and another IMD, possibly your sponsor, present to your Prospect. 
  • Lunch Events: You invite your prospect to a lunch event to hear about the opportunity. These events are usually groups of 5-10 people. 
  • HBC Home Parties: You invite your prospect to an exciting atmosphere to hear about the opportunity. These events are usually groups of 10-20 people. 
  • DVD Presentations: Just push PLAY! 
  • Website Presentations: Direct people to your My90ForLife website. 
  • Webinar Presentations: Prospects can log-in from the comfort of their own homes. 
  • The Healthy Body Challenge Opportunity Call: Three-way your Prospects into this LIVE opportunity call (see current conference call schedule by visiting the Youngevity resource center at This call features Youngevity® top income earners and special guests. This is a short, yet informative call designed to give your Prospect an overview of Youngevity’s products and income opportunity. (212) 990-8000; pin 75555# 
  • The RECORDED Opportunity Call: is essentially the same as the live calls, also featuring Youngevity® top income earners and special guests, but is available to you and your Prospects 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. The next best thing to live and in person! (618) 355-1919 for English / (800) 705-2436 for Spanish
To learn more about how to invite, listen to the Cycle of Duplication audios especially Step 2: Invite People

Step 1 - Start Your Business
More of the Hottest Recruiting Scripts in MLM can be found on page 54 of the Ultimate Memory Jogger that you downloaded earlier. 

Next we will explore why and how to present your opportunity.